Welcome to the blog of the Laboratory for Educational Theory

The TheoryLab was established in 2008 to support the use and development of rigorous theory in educational research, and to explore more widely some of the different traditions informing our understanding and practising of education. This responded to a concern that, while a lot of resource and effort was being placed rightly upon the development of capacity in relation to methods, the need for good theoretical work was also important. This remains the case.

Conferences, seminars and publications have flowed from the work of those involved in TheoryLab and we are planning our 3rd International Conference for June of next year (http://www.stir.ac.uk/education/laboratory-for-educational-theory/). We also have the first book in the Theorising Education series coming out in July (http://www.stir.ac.uk/education/news-and-events/news-archive/2013/making-a-difference-in-theory/name-47013-en.html).

The composition of the group based at Stirling has changed over time with people leaving and new folk arriving. This inevitably influences the work we do. We aim to work with researchers wherever they may be who are interested in developing good theory, whether as part  of empirical projects or more philosophically oriented inquiries.

We will use this blog to provide views on particular issues and approaches, and as a way to promote debate. It is not intended to replicate the work we do through scholarly journals and conferences and the like, but to be more informal and provocative. We shall see if we achieve this.

Richard Edwards
Director, LET

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