About Us

The Laboratory, which was established in 2008 by Professors Julie Allan, Gert Biesta and Richard Edwards, seeks to provide opportunities for the systematic exploration of the roles of theory in educational research and educational practice. Its focus is on experimentation, engagement and capacity building. The work done in the Laboratory covers the whole range of educational settings and practices (from pre-school, school, college and university to adult education, work-based learning and lifelong learning), engages with a wide range of theories and philosophies (such as complexity theory; social capital; socio-material theory; post-modern and post-structural theory and philosophy), and focuses on a range of educational topics and issues (such as pedagogy; curriculum; teaching; inclusion; creativity; professionalism).

The Laboratory is co-ordinated by Professor Richard Edwards and Dr Helen Lees with contributions from colleagues from the School of Education, in particular Professor Tara Fenwick, Professor Mark Priestley, Dr Ian Munday, Dr Kathy Nicoll, Dr Greg Mannion, Dr John I’Anson, Dr Ben Williamson and Dr James MacAllister.

Richard Edwards co-edits a new Routledge book series with Gert Biesta and Julie Allan ‘Theorising Education.’ An international journal is edited by Dr Helen Lees of the Laboratory: Other Education: The Journal of Educational Alternatives.

We are always interested to hear from scholars who would like to visit us, work collaboratively across research projects and develop funding proposals, as well as hear about proposals from prospective PhD students. If you have ideas or news to share with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.